Monday, July 26, 2010

Travelogue: Stratford Festival Theatre

Kurt and I will go for our annual creativity transfusion in Stratford, Ontario, this week. We plan to see three plays:

"The Tempest" with Christopher Plummer as Prospero
"For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again" starring Lucy Peacock

One of the pure joys of Stratford are the wonderful restaurants. Our favorites include The Old Prune, Pazo's, Fellini's, Ten, Balzac Cafe, York Street, and Boomers French Fries.

The artistic quality of Stratford surrounds you not only with the plays but with the food, bed and breakfast places, the grounds, the Avon River, the people. For a more extensive discussion of the wonder of Stratford, see my article, "A Place Where Beauty Matters."

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