Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Possibilities Before Us with a Hillary Clinton Win

Two days to go before the election. Nothing else has exploded in our faces—yet. There are cases of voter suppression, courtesy of the GOP, but no new information on Hillary’s e-mails or Trump’s sexual predation. The real fear looming over us is the aftermath of either a Trump win or the backlash of a Hillary presidency.

I think Hillary has played fair, although she’s never backed down from a fight. Donald is a bully, a name caller and an outright nasty, inappropriate person. My hope is that we don’t have to hear from him again, but I doubt that will happen. His thin skin will not allow him to lose graciously or quietly, and he’ll probably grumble that “the election was rigged” until the day he dies—just as he kept the birther argument alive for five years and wouldn’t quit. He is such a little man and the only thing keeping him afloat is his money and his hatred for people not like him. That he should appeal to so many people shows the downward slide in the conscience of our country and its values. What an embarrassment he would be as the leader of the most powerful country in the world!

I hope Hillary wins. The polls seem to be in her favor. Despite all the negativity toward her and the scandals surrounding her, I think she will make a great president. But that can only happen if she has some coattails in the Senate and comes close to winning 30 House seats. The FBI will be after her. Die-hard Trump supporters will be after her. Frankly, I don’t know how she finds the strength to go on. It’s not just about her ambition—and she has plenty of it. There is a biggness about her, a biggness of soul that runs through her veins and allows her to take the hits and keep on going. I couldn’t do that even at the county politics level and here she is taking it at the national level not to mention the international level with Putin’s alleged shenanigans. What strength and courage she has! That’s the kind of president I want. That’s the kind of leadership we need.

Hillary is certainly a role model for all women and girls. And, now, she is about to become president of the United States, our first woman president. She’s controversial, yes, but I think that’s mostly because she is a woman. Surprisingly, that fact didn’t really stick during the campaign. It was present through Trump’s Access Hollywood tape and his nasty comments about women, but it wasn’t directly addressed. It was as though he didn’t even acknowledge Hillary was a woman. Instead, he focused on Hillary’s e-mails, which were not clearly a crime at the time, and the Clinton Foundation, which has done a lot of good for a lot of people.

The poisonous environment we have endured over the past two years of this election cycle is likely to intensify after Hillary is elected and takes office. Misogyny will undoubtedly take on newer, more overt levels throughout the country and then it will be obvious that sexism was the central issue of this campaign. But maybe some good will come out of it. Maybe women will unite and fight sexist discrimination they still encounter and that Hillary will encounter. And if we do, maybe we will become stronger—together. Maybe we will create an undercurrent that quietly and surreptitiously changes the world, but no one notices for a while. Hillary’s presidency will not be about liberals and conservatives fighting it out to the death, but about men and women working together to shape a new world that is able to meet the real challenges ahead of us, namely, environmental degradation, tolerance for differences, student debt, poverty, war. This is the possibility before us if Hillary wins.

God bless our country. We are approaching the chance of radically changing who we are and how we will influence the world—and we will all be participants in our democracy, not spectators of reality TV.

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