Tuesday, March 27, 2012

News Summary: Republicans Obsessed with Moral Issues

Pat Robertson On Homosexuality: It's Related To A Type Of "Demonic Possession" 

Learning that Pat Robertson has something newly outrageous to say about homosexuality isn't really all that shocking.

The "700 Club" host has never hidden the fact that he disapproves of the LGBT community (to put it lightly) and he has dedicated hours of air time to discussing the dangers of the so-called "homosexual lifestyle" (see a slideshow of Robertson's "greatest hits" below).

But in a recent broadcast (see the video above) Robertson truly outdid himself when he proposed that homosexuality is related to a type of "demonic possession." See the video.

The Republican War Against Women

Here are the top 9 lies Republicans are pushing about contraception and abortion.

Rick Santorum:  His Lying, Cursing Heart

Rick Santorum cursed out a New York Times reporter at a rally on Sunday, and then took to TV Monday to defend his words.

While some might wonder if the hot-headed behavior is unbecoming of a presidential candidate, Santorum's brother L. Brent made an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Monday night to assure us all that his brother totally knows what he's doing. Also, apparently the video cameras were hallucinating, because Santorum would never swear. See the video. 

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