Saturday, May 28, 2011


 As part of my mission for going to Africa last November, I talked with study abroad students in Nairobi, Kenya, and then made videos for the Kalamazoo College Center for International Programs.

Here are the videos.

Why We Chose Kenya for Study Abroad -- with Zack, Emily, Saskia, Amelia

Matatus and Tea -- with Megan

On Being White in Kenya

Self-Discovery and Growth -- Mims, Megan, Saskia

Making New Friendships on Study Abroad

Kenya Program Curriculum -- with Lillian Owiti

Curriculum Support -- with Roseanne

Founder of Kenya Study Abroad Program -- with Judith Bahemuka

Professors' Impressions of K Students

ICRP -- with Emily, Amelia, Saskia

A Take on Kenya -- with Mims and Megan

Another Take on Kenya -- with Saskia

Homestay -- with Saskia

Food, Health & Safety -- with Saskia

Meet Homestay Parents, Part I -- with Joe and Rose Ngatiaris

Meet Homestay Parents, Part II -- with Joe and Rose Ngatiaris

Our K College Sister -- with Saskia and Nicole

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