Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cast Off!

Today ended my seven-week "inconvenience" of having a cast heal my broken arm!

Of course, I had to celebrate.  My doctor, Mary Vajgrt, MD, was on hand for the celebration and took these photos of the process as Lisa took off the cast.  My thanks to the staff at the Kalamazoo Orthopaedic Clinic of Borgess Medical Center.  They were all helpful, professional, efficient and caring.

Let the cutting begin!  With Lisa's help, my 7-week ordeal is about to be over.

The saw does not hurt the skin

Wedging the thing apart

Snipping apart the cloth material underneath

Pulling it apart--and taking it off

 Then I took these photos with my good hand:

Free at last!
What's left of the cast--sans arm
Another view of cast that healed my arm

For the next four week I wear a removable brace and perform various exercises to strengthen the muscles in my arm.  Can't wait to ride my bike and swim!  

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