Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Olga

My sister, Denise, and I were unable to get together over the holidays or for my birthday in December.  Weather, illness, and being out-of-town were obstacles we could not overcome.

So, Denise held a special birthday party for me this weekend.  She believes that each decade is a milestone and we couldn't pass up this one for me.

I drove into Detroit from Kalamazoo on Friday.  We met our uncle, Mario Bonfiglio, and his daughter, Mary, and her fiance, Dan, for dinner at Moro's Restaurant in Allen Park.  Italian food is always a great choice and Moro's is one of Unc's favorite places. 

We started off our meals with special garlic bread, minestroni soup, and salad.  For our entrees Unc had veal parmagiana, which he typically selects.  John had the same.  Denise and Mary ordered diet-oriented food:  chicken and fish, respectively.  Dan had a delicious steak, and I had spaghetti and meatballs, which I could hardly eat because I had filled up on the previous foods--and a snack of cheese and BBQ chips when I arrived at Denise's.  I brought the pasta home and had it for breakfast the next day.  Delicious!

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and didn't get any photos of our gathering.

Scout with Atticus in an opening scene of the film, "To Kill a Mockingbird."
On Saturday, we met with our long-time friend from Melvindale, Joyce Paul.  We four then went to the Redford Theatre to see the film, "To Kill a Mockingbird."  As the theatre's special event, Mary Badham, who played Scout in the film, showed up to talk about the film at intermission and to sign copies of Harper Lee's 1961 Pulitzer Prize-winner novel.  The movie, starring Gregory Peck, was made in 1962 and won an Oscar.

Mary goes on speaking tours to talk about the film and the terrible social disease called racism, which the film addresses.

Mary Badham today on the lecture circuit
Mary Badham as Scout

The Redford Theatre is a special place.  It was built in 1928 as a neighborhood movie house and eventually restored starting in the 1970s.  It offered organ concerts and in 2001 began showing classic movies.  The theatre is all run by volunteers.

After the movie, we made a fine dinner of breaded cutlets (my all-time favorite dish), baked potatoes (from my garden), broccoli, salad.  The birthday cake was an orange cake from Pepperidge Farms.
Joyce Paul joined Denise and John for my BD celebration
This weekend proved to be one of the best birthdays I ever had and I thank Denise and John for making it possible.

(In December, Kurt and I celebrated my birthday with our friends, Beth and Dave Johnson, by going to the London Grill in Kalamazoo.  I had Whitefish Grenoble, my favorite dish there, and the wonderful Stilton endive salad.  I can still taste it!)

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  1. Happy Birthday Dr. O! I'm going to be visiting Kalamazoo the first week of Feb. for my birthday!